Q. What type of services does R Jay Finance provide?

Q. How much does it cost ?

Q. I work during the day and can't get into your office. How will I organise an appointment ?
Q. I want to apply for a home loan, What will R Jay Financial Services do for me ?
Q. I don't understand how mortgage, loans, structuring and interest rates work.
Q. How can I own my own house as soon as possible?
Q. Who does the paper work?
Q. Do I have to chase the banks for my application?
Q. Are R Jay Financials employees Registered Financial Advisers?
Q. What happens with my personal information ?
Q. Everyone is talking about Re-financing. How does Home Re-financing work?
Q. What are the advantages of refinancing a home mortgage?
Q. What different mortgage deals are available and how do they work?
Q. What is the interest rate I will be charged on the new deal ?