About Us

Mortgage brokers and Insurance Brokers, The Experts Advice You Can Trust

Who we are

We are mortgage brokers and Insurance brokers based in Auckland with a team of highly trained staff. R Jay Finance was started to create awareness within the wider community that in today’s open market there are better options available for you and we believe we have the best selection of these options available.

What we do

We specialise in the provision of life risk management services to our clients. Our services include:

1. Mortgages and home loans
We can provide advice and a mortgage implementation service. We also have a debt reduction service which helps you manage you cashflow to ensure you pay the least amount of interest and get the mortgage paid off faster.

2. Insurance Planning
Where the financial and lifestyle effects of a risk event occurring require the use of insurance, we work with you to develop a cost-effective insurance solution to suit the circumstances. Because we are not aligned to any particular insurance company and have no business quotas to fulfil, we are able to recommend an insurance solution from a wide range of alternatives. This helps to ensure that any product we recommend is best suited to your particular need.

How we work

We will follow a simple 3-Step in order to understand and implement your mortgage requirement and insurance plan.

Step 1 – We find out about you and your current situation and discuss your needs based on your mortgage and insurance.

Step 2 – We will then provide an assessment of your mortgage and insurance needs and discuss & agree how best to meet those needs.

Step 3 – We apply to the relevant lender or insurance company to amend, commence or cancel covers or loans as agreed.

Check our Faqs section for more.

Product Providers

We maintain agency agreements with the following providers.

Asteron, AIA, AMP, OnePath, Fidelity Life, Sovereign, Southern Cross, Partners Life, ANZ, ASB, AON, Westpac co-operative bank, SBS Bank, Resimac home loans, DBR Finance and Liberty Finance.

We use an internal product selection process to choose the product and product provider that best suits your needs.